Available Trips

Please check the available trips below and click the “Enquire here” link for your desired trip. You’ll be taken to our contact form where you can add your questions and requests. After you have submitted the form we’ll get back you with availability and additional details.

If you can’t see the date you require or are looking for a longer 12 night trip then just ask us as we might be able to help. We operate a fleet of 6 boats so if you are looking for something a little more luxurious please let us know.

For prices please scroll down.

Liveaboard Dep. date Arr. date From To
MV Emperor Atoll07/04/201914/04/2019MaleMaleEnquire here
MV Emperor Atoll28/04/201905/05/2019MaleMaleEnquire here
MV Emperor Virgo04/05/201911/05/2019KadhdhooKadhdhooEnquire here
MV Emperor Virgo11/05/201918/05/2019KadhdhooKadhdhooEnquire here
MV Emperor Virgo18/05/201925/05/2019KadhdhooKadhdhooEnquire here
MV Emperor Virgo25/05/201901/06/2019KadhdhooKadhdhooEnquire here
MV Emperor Atoll26/05/201902/06/2019MaleMaleEnquire here
MV Emperor Virgo01/06/201908/06/2019KadhdhooKadhdhooEnquire here
MV Emperor Atoll02/06/201909/06/2019MaleMaleEnquire here
MV Emperor Virgo08/06/201915/06/2019KadhdhooKadhdhooEnquire here
MV Emperor Atoll09/06/201916/06/2019MaleMaleEnquire here
MV Emperor Virgo15/06/201922/06/2019KadhdhooKadhdhooEnquire here
MV Emperor Virgo22/06/201929/06/2019KadhdhooKadhdhooEnquire here
MV Emperor Virgo29/06/201906/07/2019KadhdhooKadhdhooEnquire here
MV Emperor Virgo06/07/201913/07/2019KadhdhooKadhdhooEnquire here
MV Emperor Voyager06/07/201913/07/2019MaleMaleEnquire here
MV Emperor Virgo13/07/201920/07/2019KadhdhooKadhdhooEnquire here
MV Emperor Voyager13/07/201920/07/2019MaleMaleEnquire here
MV Emperor Virgo20/07/201927/07/2019KadhdhooKadhdhooEnquire here
MV Emperor Voyager20/07/201927/07/2019MaleMaleEnquire here
MV Emperor Virgo27/07/201903/08/2019KadhdhooKadhdhooEnquire here
MV Emperor Virgo03/08/201910/08/2019KadhdhooKadhdhooEnquire here
MV Emperor Virgo10/08/201917/08/2019KadhdhooKadhdhooEnquire here
MV Emperor Virgo17/08/201924/08/2019KadhdhooKadhdhooEnquire here
MV Emperor Virgo24/08/201931/08/2019KadhdhooKadhdhooEnquire here
MV Emperor Virgo31/08/201907/09/2019KadhdhooKadhdhooEnquire here
MV Emperor Atoll01/09/201908/09/2019MaleMaleEnquire here
MV Emperor Virgo07/09/201914/09/2019KadhdhooKadhdhooEnquire here
MV Emperor Voyager07/09/201914/09/2019MaleMaleEnquire here
MV Emperor Atoll08/09/201915/09/2019MaleMaleEnquire here
MV Emperor Virgo14/09/201921/09/2019KadhdhooKadhdhooEnquire here
MV Emperor Voyager14/09/201921/09/2019MaleMaleEnquire here
MV Emperor Atoll15/09/201922/09/2019MaleMaleEnquire here
MV Emperor Virgo21/09/201928/09/2019KadhdhooKadhdhooEnquire here
MV Emperor Voyager21/09/201928/09/2019MaleMaleEnquire here
MV Emperor Atoll22/09/201929/09/2019MaleMaleEnquire here
MV Emperor Virgo28/09/201905/10/2019KadhdhooKadhdhooEnquire here
MV Emperor Voyager28/09/201905/10/2019MaleMaleEnquire here
MV Emperor Atoll29/09/201906/10/2019MaleMaleEnquire here
MV Emperor Atoll06/10/201913/10/2019MaleMaleEnquire here
MV Emperor Voyager12/10/201919/10/2019MaleMaleEnquire here
MV Emperor Atoll13/10/201920/10/2019MaleMaleEnquire here
MV Emperor Atoll20/10/201927/10/2019MaleMaleEnquire here
MV Emperor Atoll27/10/201903/11/2019MaleMaleEnquire here
MV Emperor Atoll03/11/201910/11/2019MaleMaleEnquire here
MV Emperor Atoll10/11/201917/11/2019MaleMaleEnquire here
MV Emperor Voyager16/11/201923/11/2019MaleMaleEnquire here
MV Emperor Atoll17/11/201924/11/2019MaleMaleEnquire here
MV Emperor Virgo22/11/201929/11/2019MaleMaleEnquire here
MV Emperor Voyager23/11/201930/11/2019MaleMaleEnquire here


Please see below our prices and what’s included. The price is for the whole boat per day and “up to” the number of guests shown making the trip private to your group.

Prices are for the boat per day in USD. For UK surfers we can provide GBP costings.

Contact us, we’ll do our best to make your dream surf holiday happen.


(Malé route)
– 10 guests: 2395 USD per day
– Extra Person 145 USD per day

(Central Route)
– 10 guests: 2579 USD per day
– Extra Person 150 USD per day


(Malé Route)
– 10 guests : 2579 USD per day
– Extra Person 150 USD per day

(Central Route)
– 10 guests: 2749 USD per day
– Extra Person 150 USD per day

  • Included: Shared cabin; surfing with local surf guide, 3 meals a day; afternoon snacks; 1 BBQ dinner on uninhabited island (weather allowing); unlimited drinking water, tea, coffee; Return airport transfer; Government taxes and bed tax; Male city tour (on request); separate surfing dhoni.
  • Not included: International flight, surf or diving equipment, alcohol, soft drinks, juices.
  • See our Booking Terms & Conditions.

Your money is protectedYOUR MONEY IS PROTECTED. When you pay by credit card, your money is held in safe-keeping by Barclaycard Visa until your holiday takes place, so you have peace of mind.
There are no credit card fees.

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