What is the best time for a Maldives surf trip ?

April to September is considered winter with a maximum swell in the Indian Ocean. The transition period (March-April and October-November) might be the best months for clean session with lots of sun but with a frequency and size less than during the south-west monsoon (May-September).
The heart of the south-west monsoon is June and July with frequent but short bouts of rain and moderate winds. It’s a little less hot and this is when the navigation is most difficult.

With the three different swell directions (west, south-west and south-east) in the central Atoll, it’s a period where the waves are guaranteed except during heavy storms, which are rare. There are fewer boats around during the south-west monsoon and that’s a good time for South Male and Meemu atoll.

Is it crowded ?

During June, July and August, the North Male atoll surf breaks are becoming busier as many nationalities of surfers make for the Maldives. The surf at this time is really consistent and can accommodate a large number of surfers spread-out over the seven breaks. If you’re looking for less crowded conditions then aim for March, April, May, September and October. The swell might not be as consistent but good waves are there to enjoy.

What shall I bring for my stay ?

Pack light as it’s really hot in the Maldives. And remember the sun screen. Maybe your fishing rod and a mask and a snorkel although we have some basic gear on board.
On board we have towels, shower gel, shampoo and more, just ask.
You don’t need to bring any shoes on board as you will be bare foot during your trip.

Transfers to/from Airport & boat

Guests arriving at Male Airport on the check-in day (usually Saturday) will be met by an Emperor Maldives representative. The meeting point is beside the Help Desk.

Transfers from the airport to the boat run at 11:00, 16:00 and 22.30 and are free of charge. Guests who use the 11:00 transfer have to accept that the boat will not be fully cleaned or ready. A light sandwich style snack will be provided for lunch. Please contact us to discuss options if your flight is either very early or later than the transfer times shown as we may be able to arrange an extra transfer for 5 EUR per person paid locally. If you are already in the Maldives you should make your way to the airport for the 16:00 transfer. The boat moors near Male and departs early on the morning following

Check out is at 07:00 and 09:00 on the last day of the cruise. Guests will be in the airport by 07:30 and 09:30 accordingly. For guests continuing their holiday in the Maldives at a resort, hotel or another liveaboard, your on-going transfers need to be arranged by you from the airport. We will not be able to arrange direct transfers from the liveaboard to resorts.

What about Internet and phones ?

You can stay in contact with the ‘outside world’ so bring your phone and we will have 100% roaming.
You can also use the internet but only if you bring your own computer; we will provide a 3G key but you will need to buy a prepaid card that we sell on board.

What can I do if the conditions aren’t right for surfing ?

It is unlikely that you won’t surf at least a couple of hours a day. If a surf spot hasn’t got good conditions then your surf guide will give you some suggestions. Our boats can change location quickly to find other surf spots. If the surf is impossible, you can take a course and learn to dive, snorkel or fish. If you like to fish then bring your own tackle.

How do I pay for extras on board ?

For all your extras on board (spa, diving, alcohol) you can settle your bill at the end of your stay with your Credit Card (Visa, Master Card only but a 4 % charge will be made.) There is government tax of 12% on top of all extras.

What surf accessories shall I bring ?

Lycra long sleeves, hat, booties, extra leach (2 and 2.5 mts) and wax.

What is the temperature of the water ?

28/29 Celsius, all year around.

How many boards should I bring ?

Two boards for waves from 50 cm to 2.50m. Better to bring a fish than a gun, especially in summer, March to April. It’s fine to bring a beginner’s board or body board. A long board could be appropriate but watch out for hollow waves that can suck you in.

The reef ?

There are no beach breaks in the Maldives and you only surf on the reef. Most of the time there is enough water so it is particularly safe. At low tide it can be shallow so you have to jump flat out of the waves.

First Aid ?

In case of wounds, we have the necessary First Aid on board. The hospital is approximately an hour away in Male. Please make sure you have your own insurance.

Mosquitoes ?

There are very few mosquitoes in the Maldives and no malaria.

Non surfers ?

We happily welcome non-surfers on board. The boat is roomy enough for people to simply sunbathe, snorkel or swim.

Maldives Country Information

Capital: Malé
Population: 345,000 (2014)
Area: 298 sq km
Major language: Maldivian (Divehi)
Major religion: Islam
Time zone: Maldives Time (UTC+5)
Calling code: +960
Currency: Rufiyaa (RVA)

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