Why Maldives?

The waves of the Maldives, whilst not super powerful, offer you big barrels and long fun waves – perfect for intermediate and advanced surfers. The surfing season depends on the Atolls but most are good for surfing from April until October, with March and November also good and having the best weather. Swell is consistent here and even on flat days, there’s something to do in the Maldives, like snorkelling, fishing or drinking in the stunning vista.

From March to October you’ll find the best waves, with the biggest swells likely in June, July and August, when conditions are mainly off-shore all day and the swell direction is mainly SSE. The surf generally ranges in size from 2-8 feet, however, bigger days have been known.

A variety of reef breaks occur ranging in intensity from quite mellow shreddable walls to gnarlier hollow pits. There truly is something to keep all surfers happy.

» Maldives surf report and surf forecast


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