Booking Terms & Conditions


Individuals: Full payment is due 7 working days of booking.

Groups 6+: A non-refundable deposit of 25% of the total amount will be required within 7 working days of booking followed by an additional deposit paid 12 weeks before service date and the final balance due 8 weeks prior to departure. Deposits are non-refundable, non-transferable and partial deposits will not be accepted. Any booking cannot be confirmed until an official request and a deposit has been received by Surf the Wave Maldives.

Full payment must be received with immediate effect if booking is confirmed less than 8 weeks prior to departure.

Late payment: Surf the Wave Maldives are not able to guarantee boat slots and any bookings if payment is received later than the advised payment due date.

Cancellation: If cancelled more than 12 weeks prior to departure a cancellation fee of 25% is charged – 4 weeks – 8 weeks prior to departure a cancellation fee of 50% is charged – Less than 8 weeks prior to departure a cancellation fee of 100% is charged.



Insurance: We recommend purchasing cancellation insurance, in the event of unexpected changes in your travel plans. Baggage/Equipment Insurance is also recommended.

Itineraries: All itineraries are subject to various unpredictable changes including weather conditions and changes in Maldivian Government approval. Whilst Surf the Wave Maldives make every effort we cannot guarantee surfing at specific sites. In adverse weather conditions the guides and captain of the boat will have the final decision about which sites to visit to ensure that the guests, staff and boats safety is not compromised in any way. If in the unfortunate event that sites are missed or not reached due to weather conditions or other unforeseeable changes, Surf the Wave Maldives will not offer a refund or compensation.

Boat Changes: In the unlikely event that Surf the Wave Maldives changes the boat you have booked for reasons beyond our control we aim to provide a boat of the same standard however in the event this is not possible we will reimburse you the difference in cost.

Surcharges: Surf the Wave Maldives reserve the right to apply an appropriate surcharge to its prices should economic changes (such as exchange rates, fuel prices, etc) make a material difference to its pricing structure. A minimum of 14 days’ notice will be given before such a surcharge becomes effective. No surcharge will be applied within 28 days of departure. If the surcharge results in an increase of 10% or more to the price of the trip then cancellation with a full refund will be allowed. Notification of the intention to cancel must be made in writing within 14 days of the notification or the surcharge.

Children: Children aged 15 years or younger must be supervised by a parent or designated responsible adult at all times whilst on board. Children may be accepted onboard for a full charter, subject to consent from the group leader. Surf the Wave Maldives cannot provide a legal chaperon service.

Reservations: To confirm your booking with Surf the Wave Maldives you must supply the required information for each guest is as follows: – full name according to passport – nationality, passport number and expiry date – flight details – if the night before the cruise is spent in a resort, advise resort and transfer arrival time for airport meeting – surf gear for rent (items and sizes if any) – diet requirements if any.

EMERGENCY: I agree to bear all the costs of medical treatment, recovery and transport charges in the event of an accident. Should the case arise that I am unable to decide for myself I authorize Surf the Wave Maldives and their agents to arrange medical treatment on my behalf. I will provide Surf the Wave Maldives with details of my insurance company, policy number and Medical Emergency Telephone number. I do understand that if any accident happens, it might take some time to reach a medical centre, so I will abide to safety standards and listen carefully to the instructions given by Surf the Wave Maldives employees.

BOAT SAFETY: Extra due care and attention is required when operating and living on boats due to the increased hazard of, but not restricted to, movement in rough seas, wet decks and equipment movement. I undertake to take extra care whilst on board a boat and will not hold Surf the Wave Maldives responsible for any damages incurred that can be attributed to normal boating hazards. I accept the increased risk of surfing near to and from boats and dhoni’s and accept that extra care and vigilance is required on my behalf.

NATURE: I understand that there is marine life that may cause bodily injury if touched or harassed and therefore I agree not to feed, touch or harass the marine life.

Note: the above percentages are of the total booking cost, not on any deposit received.

If your foreign office issues a travel warning and advises against travel to a specific destination we will hold on account any monies paid to us as credit to use against a future booking or change/cancel your booking free of charge.

JURISDICTION: “Surf the Wave Maldives” is a trading name of “Emperor Divers Maldives Private Limited” (1059486BPT001) a Maldivian company that is governed by Maldivian law. The contract between you and Emperor Divers Maldives made on the terms of these booking conditions, which are governed by Maldivian Law and clients shall be subject to the sole jurisdiction of the Maldivian courts.

For all refund or payment questions/queries please contact our accounts department as follows:

Ahmed Maher
Emperor Divers Accounts Department
Flat 204 – 15 New Kawthar – Jasmine building
Airport Road
Above Alfa Hospital
Hurghada – Red Sea
Tel: (+20) 12 2340996

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